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Home Design Ideas - Custom Sofa - Luxe Home Philadelphia

Posted October 30, 2012 by Gloria Esposito
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Watch this short video with Joey Jagod, Luxe Home Philadelphia celebrity designer. Design Philadelphia is a city-wide event enriching design lovers thirst for great home design ideas. Joey Jagod talks about elements and decisions for creating your own custom sofa. Transcript of the video below:


Fashion and Interior Design - Runway Rooms

Posted September 14, 2012 by Gloria Esposito
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Fashion and interior design have always had a connection but never have they been more in sync than in the past few seasons.  Fashion colors and silhouettes change seasonally whereas, traditionally, interior colors are updated every 4 years.  This is all changing now – the modern consumer is used to, no make that expects, immediate gratification and sees interior choices as another facet of his or her lifestyle.  For example if gold is in fashion right now, replacing silver in jewelry (and it is!), then it is simultaneously sought after in chairs, tables and finishes for the home.  In the next couple of posts I am going to look at what is happening in fashion and it’s crossover into interiors