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Watch this short video with Joey Jagod, Luxe Home Philadelphia celebrity designer. Design Philadelphia is a city-wide event enriching design lovers thirst for great home design ideas. Joey Jagod talks about elements and decisions for creating your own custom sofa. Transcript of the video below:

Today we are going to talk about the world of customization and how it works and the world of interior design. Let me throw a couple terms out to you first that is more fashion related than it is to furniture, but you will understand the connection. Who is familiar with the word couture? It really is the pinnacle of high fashion. You go to Paris and you go to an atelier and they will custom make an outfit for you. It could take months for some of these dresses to be made and it could cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, even for something very simple because it is made perfectly for you but you are getting exactly what you want. What I hope to do is show you how you can live a couture lifestyle on a ready-to-wear budget.

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A lot of times people have a space restriction, like, I love this look but can I get it in a sectional? A lot of times there is color, I like that color, but I want it in purple. Number three, I love the frame, it is great looking, can I get it in white? It goes on and on and on. What I have here, just to show you an example, I had Francesca pull 10 of her favorite fabrics, and any of these fabrics can work on this sofa. And so it is very easy, and usually how it works is there are different grades of fabrics and they go from this price to this price, with everything in-between. Can everyone see the nail head detailing at the bottom? That is just one of many. I am going to pass this around so you can see all the different options, the sizes, the color, the texture. And as you can see there is a dark wood base to it and I am not going to pass this around because it is heavy, but if you can just take a look at all the different options when it comes to the finishes, you have a ton!
When you are putting your room together and you want this ta-da piece, be confident about going a little bit over and beyond, because it is always so great when you walk into a room and you see something that you say “Oh my god I never seen that, as opposed to “Oh, I’ve seen that”.
For whoever wants to play, I would like to offer you this. Seeing the tools that you have to work with; you have your fabrics, you have your finishes, and you have the nail heads. Why don’t your design your dream sofa?
I’m heading up this way for hardware. Now remember, if you want to do part of your dream sofa with pillows, throw them in. I got some; I got a few in here.
How’s is going? Gorgeous, I just love this fabric. That is great looking.
Oh wow, this is a good palette! Whose palette is this? It’s mine! Oh this is nice, I really like this palette, really good, really good!
Go bold; remember it is your dream sofa! Let’s have some fun! And remember that texture is not just a visual thing.
Oh, now we are stepping out of the box, I like that! Right! It’s good! That’s what we like, out of the box.
If you wanted to do piping on the sofa, I would definitely take this grey color, what would be interesting is, is that the size of the welt would probably be the size of this line and it would really be a nice graphic touch.
But I am crazy about that. I love that! I Just love that little detail. It looks so good.
This is our base fabric. Great, okay I love it. Really nice, soft.
Our throw pillows. Oh great, you’ve got some quilting in there. I love it!
And dark nail head.
And what about our frame? The frame would be dark.

Now look at this, we just created over a half a dozen different combinations. And just within these combinations, there are a hundred combinations from what we just laid out. So, when you are going to create that dream sofa, think big, think bold, and think because you can.

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