Just as the perfect piece of jewelry compliments an outfit, lighting accessories compliment a home. Here, at Luxe Home Philadelphia, we agree that these illuminating jewelry-like lighting pieces can create a new atmosphere to any space and can be the finishing touch to a well-designed area.



 Adele Pendant                   Forrester Pendant        Athena Sconce      


Similar to drop earrings, pendants and sconces can pull a look together! Get creative and use them to replace conventional lighting concepts. 

Free up more space on tables – put a sconce above a nightstand. 

Add necessary light, as well as a dramatic feel and ambiance, and light your hallway or stairwell.


Adonia Sconce



Bracelets, Bangles and Pendants?

Looking to make a bold statement? Similar to a cuff bracelet, these pendants can be the main attraction of a room, but be sure to coordinate and keep the rest of the accessories to a minimum.


Prescott Pendant

For a striking look the Prescott Pendant (above) is constructed with individual iron rods welded together and hand finished with gold leaf.


The Nolan Pendant (below) is a simple an elegant design that is finished with a vintage brass and a bold dark bronze band that adds contrast and dimension.


Nolan Pendant



Layer some CHAINS

Padma Chandelier

Yale Chandelier


or some CRYSTALS

Mirabelle Chandelier


Regency Chandelier

Or add some Pearls!

Roanoke Lamp


Silver & Gold are always CLASSIC

Henry Small Silver Chandelier


Millennium Lamp



Perot Lamp




Tassel Lamp

Home décor is often inspired by fashion and though you might not want to wear a tassel, this Tassel Lamp can add a unique look to your home.


Outdoor options are available and can help outdoor spaces become extensions of dining or living rooms.


Zanadoo Pendant



Who doesn’t love beautifully designed “jewelry” for your home?


Hera Oval Chandelier