Often people choose white room designs thinking it is a safe and effective route to go when in actuality they don't really know what color to pick.  White can be perceived as a neutral and a “safe” pick but it actually can be a strong and definite color choice with a lot of impact!  White can highlight specific items in a room

A beautiful glass fixture and blue chairs showcased in a white room

or showcase different textures within the white family.

 Beautiful wood grains, ceramic, carpet and fabric textures all in white

Various whites can illicit different responses – calm and clean,

A calm respite for dining, reminiscent of a Vermeer painting

strong and high contrast,

Strong contrast for high impact!

or simple and artisanal.

 Warm vellum whites promote an artisanal mood

Even if white is the way to go, there are cool whites, tinted whites, warm whites, complex whites, etc.  You can choose warm vellum whites or cool casted whites such as chalk depending on the space, what it holds and its end use.

Cool and sophisticated with chalky whites and blue

Using a variety of whites in one space can be subtle but complex and quite beautiful if done with expertise.  Juxtaposing various whites in the same room is not eye catching like strong color but can slowly take the viewer by surprise depending on the light and shadows within the space.

 A variety of whites whisper an element of surprise

Working successfully with a family of white colors or white in general can be a bland disaster or an elegant look but in no way is it an easy out.



White room designs take just as much thought as other colors and are a choice that should be carefully considered.  We are always here at Luxe Home Philadelphia to steer you away from bland and surround you with wow!