Aviva Stanoff Boudoir Pillow Collection is a celebration of being a woman, being sexy and being feminine.  Luxe Home Philadelphia loves this line and the Aviva Stanoff Boudoir Collection is available at our Philadelphia showroom or online at www.luxehomephiladelphia.com.  Aviva told us about the inspiration for this fabulous line that celebrates women.  “I am a vintage and flee market hunter, I can’t turn it off.  I found a lot of boudoir pieces at a flea market in Paris.  I wanted to do something naughty, sexy but tasteful, fun and funny, something that would inspire a little conversation.  I made my first set of boudoir pillows for my husband after having our first child, Rocket.  I wanted to do it for me!  Friends saw the pillows and they wanted a set too. 

The economy was bad, people were feeling a little gloomy and I thought, this is fun, it’s lacey.  Each piece has a story from a moment in time. When people are gazing at them they start talking and then that is a moment in time that they can remember.  My theme is enjoying life, friends, family and happy moments and my pillows are a catalyst for conversation.  The Boudoir Collection inspires conversation about being a mother, being feminine, being sexy.  We are women, we make the house glow.”

Aviva Stanoff’s collections are domestic hand-made artistry.  Aviva selects objects that have their own life story.  Using a unique technique she developed at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Aviva embosses the found objects on hand selected fabrics. Start a conversation in your home with an Aviva Stanoff boudoir pillows.