Framed Art Prints from Natural Curiosities at Luxe Home Philadelphia, are over-sized fantastic cool prints that are the extra element to make your room sizzle. Watch a video from Luxe Home Philadelphia, featuring Jeff Hughes, Director of Collections and Archives from Natural Curiosities at the 2012 New York Gift Fair.

Natural Curiosities is an Art House based out of Los Angeles. We operate as a creative art factory and we have 16 members who are a collection of artists, designers, curators and free thinkers. Our production process is all from our studio made by our hands in our lands. That’s our tag line everything is made in America in Los Angeles, inside a 1924 converted bowling alley on Sunset Boulevard. The piece behind me is an example of our application art to print. So many of our pieces have embellishments by hand after print such as silver leaf, gold leaf, and aging of paper. It is our tribute to the old artisans techniques that we bring alive in our current collections. We create our own art, this month’s House Beautiful is showcasing the Moss Field piece, which is our journey of over a year to bring alive the notion of capturing the outdoors indoors. Cooking the Books is a literal interpretation of the metaphor cooking the books. It is one our most beautiful creations of art and again really shows the workings of theF creative art factory of Natural Curiosties. Not a simple print house but a creative art house.
Framed Art Prints by Natural Curiosities are available at the Luxe Home Philadelphia showroom or visit our online store