Suzani Pillows from Found Objects are now available at Luxe Home Philaelphia. Watch this short video from the New York Gift Fair 2012 to see this fabulous collection of Uzbeki embroidered pillows.
Found Object is everything that brother and sister team,
Salvo Stoch and Juditha Sakinofsky want to own and love. Found Object is built from a collection of vintage suzani textiles they collected in Uzbekistan. It’s jewelry, it is components they have collected all over the world and put together into partially a jewelry line, but mostly, a home furnishings collection. Each and every piece is hand stitched and is between 20 and 50 years old and each textile dictates what the final piece of furniture or pillow is going to be. They are just filled with symbolism, images like the pomegranate or the tulip, images that convey fertility, symbols that are used again, again and again. The colors are all vegetable dyed, so whatever a pomegranate or berry or a vegetable will yield, that is the color that the yarn will be dyed with. Most of these items were created from antique suzani wall hangings; a lot of them are heirloom pieces, which mothers would have embroidered for their daughters as part of their dowry. Each of these embroidered suzani pieces are one-of-a-kind, because every person has created this for her own home or for her daughters home-to-be. They all have specific nuance. Keep watching what Salvo and Juditha Sakinofsky are doing, because as they find things and as they collect all these amazing objects as they travel around the world, they will turn them into pieces for the home. At the moment, they are beginning to work on a collection of rugs that they are piecing together from the regions of Turkey moving East. They love the silk route and tend to collect objects along that route. Stop by Luxe Home Philaelphia to see our fabulous collection of Suzani Pillows.