Alicia Adams Alpaca is a beautiful line of alpaca throws available at Luxe Home Philadelphia. Luxe Home Philadelphia spoke with
Alicia Adams at the New York Gift Fair 2012. According to Alicia Adams, “It does look like we live like the Little House on the Prairie lifestyle and it certainly is. It’s very romantic. The children help us with the animals. They help us with naming the babies when they are born. They help us with shearing. It is a family operation. My husband is very involved, he does the breeding side and I do the design, but we are both developing this brand Alicia Adams Alpaca. Alpaca can be compared to let’s say cashmere. Alpaca are born in 23 natural colors from ivory to black and all the shades of browns, beige and greys and that is one of the characteristics that Alpaca has. It is hypoallergenic and it does not pill, it is very lightweight and it is very durable. There are only 3 million alpacas on the ground worldwide. It is never going to be mass production and the fact that we breed them, raise them and sheer them on our own farm and then we use our own wool and have it processed. The carbon print is very low. We have everything finished off in Peru and we have our own production team there. We support a lot of families down there.
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