Tables are a staple to modern design - every room has use for a table. Tables come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are available in a variety of materials and finishes. With so many styles available, it's important to educate yourself on the different tables and familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each.



The Rectangular table is supported by four corner legs. This type of table comes in a variety of sizes, styles and materials and can accommodate any style of decor. Rectangular tables are a staple of dining and living rooms and vary in function and construction. There is plenty of room underneath the table and between the legs due to the spaced-out placement and many Rectangular dining tables have leaves which can be added or removed to adjust the size of the table. The Mercer Dining Table by Bernhardt Furniture (Left) is a beautiful Rectangular dining table. 






Oval tables also have four legs which support its top. Oval tables come in a wide range of styles, sizes and materials. Oval tables add a unique touch of style to any space. Like rectangle tables, Oval tables can have leaves which allow you to adjust the size. The Mercer Dining Table by Hickory Chair (Right) is a gorgeous Oval dining table. 








A Round table with four legs is typically smaller than other tables and is versatile in that it can be used as an accent table or dining table. Because of their smaller size, Round dining tables are great to use in smaller spaces or when the goal is a more casual, intimate dining area. The Boden Round Ash Dining Table by Hickory Chair (Left) is a stunning Round dining table. 








Crazycut Dining Table, Mirror Polished Stainless SteelRound Pedestal

The Round Pedestal table is supported by a pedestal or platform pedestal and is a popular version of the round table. The styles and materials of the Round Pedestal table vary and can be either contemporary or traditional. Round Pedestal tables fit well into casual dining applications and are beautiful as accent tables. The Crazycut Dining Table by Phillips Collection (Right) is a gorgeous Round Pedestal table. 







Double Pedestal

Double Pedestal tables come in a wide range of shapes and materials but are typically traditional in style. Double Pedestal tables give a space a classic, elegant look and provide ample seating for a large family. The Baltimore Double Pedestal Dining Table by Hickory Chair (Left) is a beautiful Double Pedestal table. 




Glass Top

Glass Top tables are contemporary in style and come in a wide range of sizes and designs. Although Glass Top tables are often used in more casual settings than wood tables, they are available in a variety of styles which range from casual to more formal. A Glass Top table will give a room a stylish, modern feel. The Spazio Clear Dining Table by Trica (Right) is a sleek, modern Glass Top table. 










Drop Leaf

Drop Leaf tables are available in a diverse range of styles but all are versatile tables that allow you to change the size according to your immediate needs. Drop Leaf dining tables are great for smaller spaces that need the extra space and can easily be adjusted on special occasions. The Haven Dining Table by Bernhardt Furniture (Left) features two 20" leaves which make this table very versatile and accommodating. 






Gate Leg

The Gate Leg table is a classic design that features legs which can swing out to support side leaves and pushed back in when the extra space is not needed. Gate Leg tables are often found in traditional styles and materials. Gate Leg tables are very versatile and are great for those looking for a table that fits into a smaller space. The Belgian Oak Gate Leg Console Table by Bernhardt Furniture (Right) is a beautiful example of a Gate Leg table. 






The Pembroke table has a long history as a popular occasional or accent table. It is a small rectangular table that features two leaves which can fold up when additional table area is needed. The Pembroke table fits in well with traditional decor and can easily accommodate smaller spaces due to its compact design. The Davis Side Table by Hickory Chair (Left) is a gorgeous Pembroke table. 









Trestle tables have been around for many centuries. Modern Trestle tables are not only found in residential homes but in schools and offices as well. Trestle tables are very versatile and come in a wide range of sizes and materials and styles. Traditional Trestle tables are especially suited to country style designs. The Quentin Dining Table by Bernhardt Furniture (Right) is a beautiful Trestle table.