There are wide range of different styles of Dining Chairs in today's market, each having its own unique qualities and characteristics. Using different styles of chairs and dining tables can create an exciting and dramatic design effect. Dining room chairs can make a space feel formal and elegant or casual and laid-back. Like any other piece of furniture, chairs lend their own beauty and style to the design of a space. 



Ladder Back

The Ladder Back chair is a common and multifaceted chair that is characterized by plain or decorative horizontal slats. This type of chair is found in both traditional and contemporary designs. The Elements Dining Chair by Bernhardt Furniture (Right) is a beautiful example of a Ladder Back chair. 











Splat Back

Splat Back chairs are traditional in style and have either a plain or shaped splat. Splat Back chairs that have a fiddle or vase shape splat are called fiddle-splat or vase-splat chairs. Splat Back chairs add a touch of elegance to a traditional style dining room. The Commonwealth Dining Chair by Bernhardt Furniture (Right) is a gorgeous Splat Back chair.  

Pierced Splat Back

The Pierced Splat Back chair features designs within the splat which adds a decorative element to the beautiful Splat Back chair. 







Slat Back

Slat Back chairs are available in a diverse selection of styles and materials and can be found in both contemporary and traditional designs. Slat Back chairs feature vertical slats and will lend a classic look to a dining room's decor. The Huntington Chair by Bernhardt Furniture (Right) is a stunning Slat Back chair. 














Cross Back

Cross Back chairs are contemporary in style and feature slats across the back which form an X-shape. These chairs are often crafted of wood and feature and upholstered seat. Cross Back chairs add a simple, stylish element to a contemporary dining room. The Status Dining Chair by Sunpan Modern Home (Right) is a gorgeous, contemporary Cross Back chair. 














Oval Back

Oval Back chairs feature and oval shaped back and can be traced back to French chair designs. Many Oval Back chairs are still found in traditional style designs and are becoming more popular in contemporary spaces. The Charlotte Chair by Design Master Furniture (Right) is a gorgeous Oval Back chair. 



















The upholstered Parson chair is a modern style dining chair. They are comfortable and stylish and can be easily customized to accommodate your design and color scheme. The Electra Chair by Design Master Furniture (Right) is a gorgeous Parson chair. 


A Few More....

- Bentwood - Bentwood furniture was created during the Industrial Revolution and quickly became one of the most popular furniture breakthroughs. Bentwood chairs are created by steam bending hard woods and then drying them to hold their shape. Bentwood chairs give a contemporary dining room a casual but elegant look. 

- Wicker or Cane - Wicker or Cane chairs are most often made from rattan, but synthetic chairs are also available. The backs, seats or both are crafted from woven cane or wicker material. Wicker and Cane chairs fit best in casual designs. 

- Fan Back - A Fan Back chair gets its name from its back slats that spread across the back like an open fan. Fan Back chairs come in a variety of styles and materials and are suited for both traditional and contemporary designs. 

- Comb Back - The Comb Back chair features a classic design named for its resemblance to a comb. The Comb Back chair boasts a gorgeous design that is well suited for country style homes. 

- Bow Back - The Bow Back chair is characterized by its curved or bowed top rail with spindles which run vertically down to the seat of the chair. Bow Back chairs fit into a wide variety of design styles.