The most commonly seen types of upholstered furniture are sofas and chairs, however, there are many other types of furniture that can be upholstered. Through the centuries, many talented designers and decorators have created unique furnishings that will complement your home's decor and add functionality to your space. In the following I will review the different types of upholstered furniture that have been introduced throughout the years. 







Circular Ottoman

Ottomans are upholstered stools or small footrests that were created during the 18th century Turkish Ottoman Empire. Circular Ottomans are very elegant and are typically used as a free-standing, decorative piece of furniture to achieve a dramatic effect. Some Circular Ottomans can be opened to provide storage space. The Tyre Round Ottoman by Bernhardt Furniture (Below) is a gorgeous Circular Ottoman. 

Curved Ottoman

The Curved Ottoman features a rounded front with a flat back. This style is designed to fit up against an upholstered chair. Curved Ottoman provide additional comfort to a chair's design. The Wings Ottoman by Couture International (Below) is a beautiful Curved Ottoman. 

French Ottoman

The French Ottoman features ornate woodwork that is designed to match a chair or sofa of the same style. French Ottomans are often seen in traditional, elegant spaces. The Anastasia Ottoman by Hickory Chair (Below) is a beautiful example of a modern day French Ottoman. 


The Settee is a small-scale love seat that is available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Settees are great for small spaces or to complement a large sofa. The Norfolk Settee by Bernhardt Furniture (Below) is a beautiful example of a modern Settee.

The Alton Settee by Vanguard Furniture (Below) is another gorgeous, modern Settee.



The Snuggler, or Chair and a Half is an oversized, upholstered chair that is large enough for two people to cuddle on or for one person to sprawl out on. Snugglers come in a variety of styles and designs but are commonly used when comfort and relaxation are the goal. The Graham Chair by American Leather (Below) is a beautiful, modern Snuggler. 

The Oak Park Chair by American Leather (Below) is a gorgeous, plush Snuggler. 

Chaise Lounge

The Chaise Lounge is a luxurious, glamorous piece of upholstered furniture and can be used throughout the home as a freestanding piece or as an integral part of a sectional. The Chaise Lounge is a classic piece and can be found in a variety of traditional and contemporary designs. The Holden Right Arm Chaise by Bernhardt Furniture (Below) is a stunning Chaise Lounge. 

The Hans Leather Chaise by Dwell Studio (Below) is another great example of a stunning Chaise Lounge.