Motion Furniture is wonderful for modern homes because it can solve more then one problem at a time! Sleeper sofas for example, provide endless comfort both day and night and can turn a stylish living room into a comfortable guest room in just moments. Many manufacturers offer motion mechanisms in their furniture to add convenience and functionality to a space. I'm going to list and describe the Motion Furniture that is available in today's market to assist you in choosing the perfect items for your unique home!













The Recliner is the most resourceful of all upholstered chairs. This is a very common type of Motion Furniture that adds comfort and convenience to a space. Recliners are crafted to fold up to support the feet of the person sitting in the chair and quickly and easily fold back into a compact piece of furniture. The Chloe Recliner by American Leather (Left) is a stunning Reclining chair. 

Lift Recliner

The Lift Recliner is another type of reclining chair but it is powered by an electric motor in the base which raises and tilts the recliner in different directions. Lift Recliners improve mobility and help the elderly and the physically challenged to remain independent. Some Lift Recliners even feature massage functions as well!


Sofas With Incliners 

Many Styles of sofas come with the option of incliners and provide recliner-like comfort to each person. 


Sectional Incliner

Like sofas with incliners, sectionals are also available with inclining mechanisms which provide foot rests for each person on the sectional and maximizing seating in your space. 


Rocking Chair

Rocking Chairs are a classic and pioneered the advancement of modern day motion furniture. Comfortable and homey, Rocking Chairs are typically found in traditional homes but are being made in contemporary styles as well. The Seat Belt Rocking Chair by Phillips Collection (Left) is a gorgeous, contemporary Rocking Chair.


The Glider is a modern version of a rocking chair but it glides back and forth rather than rocking. Gliders offer a comfortable place to sit and come in a variety of styles. 


Wall Bed

Wall Beds or Murphy Beds are hidden beds that are hidden within other pieces of furniture and can easily be pulled down when needed. Wall Beds are convenient for those who need to make the most of a small space. 

Sofa Sleeper

A Sofa Sleeper is another dual purpose piece of furniture. By day it provides a comfortable place to sit and by night a plush place for you or your guests to sleep! American Leather has a full line of amazing sleeper sofas that are completely customizable.