Couch shopping may seem like an easy task. You walk into a furniture store. You pick out a couch. The end. Anyone who has ever remodeled their home or decided to replace their couch knows finding the right one is not that simple.


Inspiration Sofa - American Leather


There are actually an array of styles to choose from and no two styles are exactly the same. Sure there may be similarities between some of them but when it comes to finding one that fits your needs there's a lot to take into consideration.

Luxe Sofa - Luxe Home Philadelphia 


Most households are familiar with the Lawson couch. The most common style, the Lawson is usually a straight line design featuring three cushions and arms that are lower than the back. This style  is ideal for dens and living rooms where "kicking back" is a common occurrence. It's not too bulky and can be purchased in fabrics that will easily match your other furniture.


Cameron Couch 

If you have a contemporary living room, the Contemporary Arm Tuxedo with its square arms is a perfect choice.  The Contemporary Arm Tuxedo Sofa arms are as high as its back.

Luxe Sofa - American Leather

If aesthetics over comfort is what you are leaning towards, say for example you're decorating a room that doesn't get a lot of traffic; there are several couches that are more about the design than whether or not they make a comfortable napping spot. The Kidney Sofa usually looks best in a casual modern living room.

Claudette Sofa - Ferguson Copeland

The Chesterfield is another popular choice for individuals  looking for a couch with some personality. A traditional style that brings to mind libraries and gentleman's clubs, the Chesterfield is usually upholstered with leather. This alluring sofa has a button tufted back which is the same height as the arms.

A Chesterfield Couch adds a touch of class. 


For a modern look Armless Sofas come in a range of designs but are contemporary in style.

Sgt. Pepper's Banquette - Vanguard Furniture

One of the great things about furniture these days is that you can custom them to fit your needs. Really in a lot of ways,  with a couch, you can have it all.