Christopher Guy Furnishings at High Point Showroom Spring 2012! Watch this short video to see this glamorous showroom!

Hi! It’s "Stylin' with Joey" for Luxe Home Philadelphia, and today we are at the Christopher Guy Showroom in High Point, North Carolina. It is one our favorite vendors because there is always drama, beauty, and incredible surface texture in design everywhere you look. I wanted to point out this chair that we have on the floor with the patented X-back leg, it is something very exclusive to Christopher Guy. Any of these chairs can be done in thousands of different fabrics and hundreds of different finishes. The dining room table can be done in many sizes, so there is a way to take this grand look and scale it down to make sure it is the perfect look for your dining room.

Christopher Guy Dining Room Tables 

We are so excited about the Christopher Guy art that we are going to be carrying at Luxe Home Philadelphia. These are just two examples based on Gustav Klimt artwork that I think is just amazing. Each of these mosaic pieces are hand-cut mirror that are then hand-colored and put together as you see to create this beautiful wall piece. It is going to look amazing and I hope you come in. If you can’t come into the store, then find it online we could ship it right to you! There is so much more Christopher Guy that I want to show you, so let’s continue the tour.

Christopher Guy Mosaic Artwork

I am sitting in one of the most glamorous Christopher Guy chairs that I have ever seen. This Christopher Guy chair that I am sitting in, which is over-sized, is black lacquer in this beautiful ivory fabric, I think it is just the epitome of old Hollywood elegance. It can be done in many fabrics and finishes, so it can look traditional, modern, deco, you name it, there is a way we can make this chair work perfectly for you. Christopher Guy furnishings are fabulous.

Christopher Guy Chairs -

Christopher Guy Furnishings

Christopher Guy Sofas -

Christopher Guy Furnishings

Now, this is how you dream in Christopher Guy style. The most dramatic headboard, I have ever seen, goes right to the ceiling and beyond. What is even more amazing is that you can customize the fabric and the look of this bed, any way you want! So, come to Luxe Home Philadelphia, and let us make your dreams come true.

Christopher Guy Beds -

Christopher Guy Furnishings

I am sitting down at a Christopher Guy glass-top desk that is so incredible. The base is hand carved mahogany with gold paint, and again, just like any Christopher Guy furnishings, it is available in different sizes and different finishes. This works as a fabulous desk, there are also consoles, dining room tables, cocktail tables and end tables available in this similar style and others.
Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most fabulous of them all? You are, along with a little help from Christopher Guy and Luxe Home Philadelphia. Beautiful mirrors to choose from, all Christopher Guy mirrors are hand-carved and hand-made, beautifully tailored for your home because you can choose from different finishes and different sizes.

Christopher Guy Furnishings

I love Christopher Guy dining room chairs they are so beautiful, elegant, glamorous, over-the-top and comfortable. They are available in so many different fabrics and so many different styles and so many different finishes, there is always a perfect chair. I love the hand carving, I love the detailing and I love how they just make any dining room table look special.
I love Christopher Guy furnishings because of the styling, the exquisite craftsmanship, and the elegance that it brings to each and every room. Come to Luxe Home Philadelphia and see why I love Christopher Guy furnishings.