V Rugs and Home is a bright and bold pillow line created in Miami. Watch this video from the New York Gift Fair to see this fabulous line!

V Rugs and Home is an American Brand. We reside in the U.S. We’re a team of two designers, my partner Mario Mancelli and myself, Rafael Velizquez. We’re based in Miami, Florida. We’ve been doing business for six years. We’re inspired by the nature that surrounds us in Florida. So we take a lot of inspiration from the sea and from the beauty of the trees, and we try to make it as natural as possible, not only with the materials, but with the design materials that we use. But we’ve seen a lot of colors with orange leading the front, greens, blues and a lot of natural materials and textures in their natural shapes.

There is a great demand for large bulky items, but also they’re in smaller pieces, and we have a very wide range in all our sizes. We’re very proud to make our line in the United States, but we still pull materials from the best sources in the world, like from Belgium, from India, from South America. But it still is a collective effort, but we bring all the materials to the U.S. and we keep labor here as strong.

Luxe Home Philadelphia, stocks a great selection of V Rugs and Home Pillows.

Olga Pillow 12 x 20


V Rugs and Home Mambo Pillow 18 x 32

Chelsea Black and White 22 x 22

Emily 12 x 20

Emily 12 x 20

Gaucho 24 x 24


Equus 22 x 22

Equus 22 x 22

Lloyd 22 x 22

Natural Hemp Pillows 12 x 20

Modern Black and White 12 x 20
Eloise 18 x 32
Mambo 24 x 24