Kumi Kookoon - Silk Bedding - Silk Pillows

Kumi Kookoon is a luxury silk bedding company. We do everything for the home in silk; silk bedding, silk sheets, silk pajamas, silk loungewear. Everything we do is silk and everything is filled with silk. Silk it hypoallergenic, no mites, no molds; it is good for the skin and good for the body. Silk bedding is the smoothest thing for your skin; it is a higher quality than any 1,000-count sheet cotton sheets. Silk is a natural protein so it is really good for your skin, it is really good for your hair, it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it is unlike anything out there.

The sexy factor, silk bedding is it really smooth there is no friction, it is really luxurious to the skin to the touch, it is unlike anything out there.

Silk comes from a cocoon and each cocoon is about 2,000 feet. If you unravel it, it is one continuous strand. They take about 8 cocoons and they pull it out of warm water and these strands unravel and they go into a spool and it becomes a silk thread and then it is woven into a really fine charmeuse that makes the fabrics. But, we also fill our comforters, our pillows and our throws with natural silk floss inside and this natural floss is all hand stretched by ladies. It takes maybe 20,000 to 30,000 cocoons to fill one of our comforters. The inside is all 100% mulberry long fibered silk floss inside. So when you are getting a comforter, there are 20,000 to 30,000 cocoons inside a comforter.

Silk is the strongest natural fiber, so if you took the same diameter silk with the same diameter steel, the steel will break before the silk. People always think it is a really delicate fiber but it is very very strong and really hard to stitch. One of our comforters will take a day to make.

When the silkworm spins, it spits out the silk. It is a natural protein and that is why it is really good for your skin and really really good for your hair because the silk protein is the closest protein built to your hair and your skin. So when you sleep on it, you are kind of getting nutrients into your hair follicles. A lot of cancer patients, and a lot of people who have skin problems sleep on silk pillowcases because it doesn’t pull or strip the moisture from your hair. Especially chemo patients when they are losing their hair, you want them to use a silk pillowcase so their hair doesn’t fall out as easily.

For babies, it is really really wonderful because silk is a natural fire retardant and you can put out fires with silk. We don’t have to dip our blankets in any fire retardant chemicals. It is completely natural for babies, where as a polyester throw, or something poly, you have to do a fire retardant test with fire retardant chemicals. But silk is completely natural. It is fire retardant. If there is a fire in your house, just put the silk blanket on the fire and it will put it out.

Silk is a natural fiber, so just like cotton; you can put it in the washing machine. You just don’t want to put harsh chemicals on it. It is really really easy to maintain and take care of.

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