Keep cozy as the temperature starts to dip! Both real and faux furs are great to cuddle under when the temperature drops - either alone or with a friend. The Knit Silver Fox Throw from Adrienne Landau (above) is a great choice!


Faux Furs are a great alternative to real fur! Luxe Home Philadelphia has great faux furs from Fabulous Furs (featured below) and others!


 Counter Clockwise from Top Left: Champagne Mink, Grey Chinchilla, Mahogany Mink, Norwegian Fox, Shadow Mink, and Cable Knit & Faux Fur Throws.


  White Fox, Sheared Beaver, and Chocolate Mink Faux Furs from Tozai Home.


Add a SPLASH of COLOR with Tibetan Lamb Wool from Auskin


A PLETHORA of COLOR! Long Wool pillows in Loganberry, Velvet Plum, Fanta, Robin's Egg, and more!


 Have fun with a stylish twist! Add an Ivory Long Wool Bean Bag Chair from Auskin to your room.

Fox Stripe Warm Coal and Fox Stripe Dark from Adri Collection