Dachshund Dog - Phillips Collection

Doggies, Monkeys, Gorillas, Rhinoceroses, OH MY!

BulldogDachshund - Phillips Collection         




Scottie and Boscoe - Global ViewsDoggie Table Lamp Pair - Regina-Andrew Design


Antique Brass Doggie Book End - Regina-Andrew Design


Bulldog - Trowbridge Gallery

Mount your TROPHY

Large Elk Trophy Head Matte Black or WhiteLarge Ram Trophy Head White - Two's Company




In the jungle, the mighty jungle....


Rhinoceros Wall Sculpture - Phillips Collection


Gorilla Antique Brass and Monkey Bowl - Phillips Collection





  Faulkner ElephantTylinek Zebra, and Tylinel Tiger - Natural Curiosities


Barnyard Friends

Hyden Donkeys and Hyden Regal Sheep - Natural Curiosities


Life-sized Indoor/Outdoor Farm Animals Without The Mess! 

Life Size Cow, Black and WhiteSheep Sculpture Peach, and Sheep Sculpture Black - Phillips Collection




Hyden Reflection - Natural Curiosities



Under the Sea...

(as a little extra)


Brandt Blue Jellyfish 5 - Natural Curiosities

Fossilise Small Jellyfish, Set of 5 - Tozai Home and Wood Seahorse-Andrew Design

Luxe Home Philadelphia will delivers all our animals, sometimes even in a Jag!


Labrador Dog, Silver Leaf - Phillips Collection