It's undeniable - metal is HOT! Everywhere we look metals seem to be making an appearance – from the warm gold, brass, and copper accents to the cool chrome, nickel and stainless steel applications there is no doubt that metal is here to stay! 


Out with the old, in with the new - the changing seasons call for a revamp of style and what better way to breathe new life into your home then with the season's hottest trend? Whether your goal is to transform your entire space, or to freshen up an already beautiful design, this trend can be incorporated into any style! 

Below: Lucienne Gold Dish by Global Views

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Lovers of modern design will feel right at home incorporating sleek steel while their rustic counterparts will enjoy gold leafing or hammered brass. From contemporary to traditional, this trend appeals to all! 

Below: Vortex Table by Global Views, Izmir Hammered Side Table by Studio A 

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Don't let the word "metallic" scare you away! You don't have to change your entire room to match the tin man, but there are a few simple changes and additions that you can make to your existing space that will make a huge difference. With this trend, a little really does go a long way! Adding a metallic accent shows edginess while staying classic and long as you do it correctly!  


Even more good news? This season is the absolute best for adding metallic inspiration throughout your interior. If you’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate these colorful accents into your home, take a look at these ideas that will leave you wanting more... 


Metallic gold accessories pack a great punch - even in small amounts! They are bright and bold and are sure to make your space feel that much more luxurious. Who can pass that up?

Below: Slit Bell Vases by Global Views, Chrysanthemum Vases by Global Views

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Why not spice your living room with a metallic coffee table? It's in the center of your room so this gleaming focal point will really grab your guests' attention (and definitely yours every time you sit down to watch a movie)!

 Below: River Stone Cocktail Table by Phillips Collection, Jet Set Nesting Tables by Bernhardt 



Are you planning to host dinner parties this holiday season? Surprise your guests and dazzle up your dining room decor with these gleaming gold drinking glasses and champagne flutes. Your delicious food wont be the only topic of conversation at the dinner table!

Below: Crosshatch Champagne Flute by Global Views, Small Crosshatch Drinking Glass by Global ViewsCrosshatch Drinking Glass by Global Views

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Walls are great for hanging photos but why not glam up your look by adding some statement-making wall art or bold mirrors? 


Are you one who spends a lot of time deciding what to wear before stepping out? Why not admire the piece your clothes are stored in as well? A bold dresser makes for a perfect fit in a bedroom, guest room or even a glamorous hallway! 

Below: Jet Set Chest by Bernhardt, French Connection by Caracole, Salon End Table by Bernhardt


Bring on the Metal! Use metal to add intrigue and texture to your interiors. Invest in a few of our favorite pieces and both you and your holiday guests will notice the beautiful changes in your home!