Tutankhamun's gilded bed from the 14th century BC
From straw on the floor beds evolved to being raised by boxes. Raised beds were found both in South African and Scotland, but Egyptian beds are most notable. Made with wood, the beds of pharaohs and queens were often gilded. The high raised beds of Egypt were ascended by stairs and surrounded by pillows and curtains. King Tut's gilded bed from his sarcophagus is a great example of the typical bed of elite Egyptian society. 
Napoleon I's bed
The Renaissance and the coming of modern Europe led to more enclosed beds. The age of magnificent beds featured pearls, silver, gold, and velvet coverings that surrounded the bed. During the 17th century it became common practice to receive visitors while in bed during celebratory - before and after child birth, marriage - and mourning times.
The Great Bed of Ware, one of the largest beds in the world
The Great Bed of Ware was build about 1590 and can accommodate four couples. The bed is the only known example of a bed it's size. You can still visit the bed in London at Victoria and Albert Museum, but you might want to bring some friends.
 The BEDS of TODAY...

The Jet Set beds by Bernhardt are dramatic, yet ultra-refined, making a personal statement of the glamorous and modern sensibility in the luxe lifestyle. The Jet Set Upholstered Panel Bed is fully upholstered in a satiny greige with a tufted panel headboard and footboard. The Upholstered Bed is done in a white fabric with a tufted headboard. Every detail counts and the caviar finish on both beds exhibits the 1940’s French contemporary flair with modern energy.





The Salon Bed by Bernhardt is part of the eclectic styling of the 2013 Pinnacle Awards Major Collection finalist Salon Collection. The soft color tones and curved wings give the bed a sophisticated look. The dramatic height and tufting of the headboard evoke a Hollywood glamour style while remaining understated.



The wonderfully masculine Modern Artisan Comfort Zone Bed by Caracole is sheathed in soft, buttery leather. The subtle brown leather is fastened with attractive baseball stitching and capped with a warm, matte gold artisan metal. The slender profile and exquisite detailing complete the sleek look.



A welcoming bed to both him and her, the Barrett Bed features a soft, tufted headboard with a dark wood trim. The clean lines of the rails and slight winged curve of the headboard create an elegant look. A nailhead trim adds a bit of polish and shine to your bedroom.





The wood headboard and chocolate suede upholstered rails of the Modern Hollywood Bed offer a sleek look to your bedroom. The optional attached left and right nightstands offer a contemporary look to a classic design.  






Dive right in to the plush Kashmir Upholstered Sleigh Bed. The fully tufted headboard offers a soft place to rest your head for a long night's sleep. The upholstered bed give a softer look to the classic sleigh bed design. This comfortable, gorgeous piece adds feminine elegance to your bedroom. 


Why look for the “silver lining” when you can sleep on the Silver Lining Bed by Caracole? Their classic Mink and Panache finish surround their signature three-dimensional silver leaf design. The headboard features lots of glam and a bit of bling, which is shown off thanks to a low footboard. This bed is a stunning statement piece for your bedroom.