The bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture that we can have in our home. Choosing the right mattress for your personal needs is a very important element of creating your dream bedroom. There are many styles and types of bed frames available as well which add to the aesthetics and design of a bedroom and serve to hold the mattress off of the floor. In the following, we will review the many bed frame and mattress options that are available in today's market in order to help you create a custom bedroom that is as beautiful as it is comfortable!




A standard bed consists of...


Slats are the base which holds the box spring or foundation and are the foundation of the entire bed. Typically crafted from seasoned hardwood, the Slats support the stiff coils of the box spring or the supporting material in a foundation unit. 

Box Spring

A Box Spring is meant to support the mattress and adds durability and strength to the mattress, preventing it from prematurely wearing out. A Box Spring consists of coiled wires which are attached to a metal grid that is set into a wood or metal frame. 


A Foundation is similar to a box spring except it contains no moving parts and is typically used for contemporary mattresses that have only one side. Single-sided mattresses provide the same                                                                                                                                                               comfort and support as two-sided mattresses but without the                                                                                                                                                                       need to flip the mattress. 


The Mattress is the most important element of the bed and is available in a wide variety of sizes and types in order to accommodate every individual's personal needs. Luxe Home carries a full line of Hevea Grove Mattresses available for custom order and immediate delivery!

Twin - 38X75
Full - 54X75
Queen - 60X80
King - 76X80
California King - 72X84
Innerspring - The most common type of mattress today, the Innerspring Mattress consists of several types of springs that covered with padding and cloth.
Foam - Made of polyurethane and/or latex, the Foam Mattress is available at all price points and at any level of firmness you 
may desire. 
Air - Air Mattresses are great for temporary use and are crafted from several, air-tight bladders which are covered in a cushioning material. Air Mattresses can be adjusted to any level of firmness
                                                                                                                                                               that you may desire by using the pump. 
Flotation (Waterbed) - Flotation Mattresses are available in three types - full-flotation, motion-reduced and motionless. Each provides firm support and consists of a water-filled bladder, a liner, a pedestal and a heater. 
GelGel Mattresses conform to the sleeper's body and offer relief of pressure for those with bad backs or for those looking for maximum comfort. 
Gel Infused Foam - A Gel Infused Mattress features a foam layer which is topped with a gel-permeated foam which is meant to draw heat away from the sleeper's body providing a soothing, cooling effect for a great night's sleep. 
Hybrid - Hybrid Mattresses incorporate two sleep technologies into one mattresses providing maximum comfort which offers the benefits of two types of mattresses. Innerspring coils and foam is                                                                                                                                                                  the most common type of Hybrid Mattress

Bed Styles...


Panel beds consist of a headboard and foot board which frame the generic mattress frame. This classic style is available in both traditional and contemporary designs. The Nite In Shining Armor by Caracole (Below) is a stunning Panel bed. 


The Sleigh design is recognized by its graceful, curved wood panels that surround the bed. Beautiful and elegant, the Sleigh bed comes in a variety of designs and styles. The gorgeous upholstered Sleigh bed below shows the graceful curves of this elegant style. 

Four Poster

The Four Poster beds is a classic, elegant style that is characterized by four sturdy poles which rise above the mattress line and typically even extend above the headboard. The Vestige Upholstered Poster Bed by Bernhardt Furniture (Below) is a gorgeous, old-world inspired Four Poster bed. 


The Bookcase style bed, as the name suggests, integrates a bookcase into the headboard of a bed frame. This style provides convenient storage and elegant display area for photographs or accessories. The beautiful bed below shows the convenience a Bookcase bed can bring to a bedroom's design.


The Canopy bed features slats which provide support for elegant drapes, netting or fabrics which hang above or around the bed. Canopy beds add romantic, elegant charm to a bedroom's decor.  The Over The Top by Caracole is an elegant Canopy style bed.


Platform style beds are contemporary in style and are characterized by their sleek, low-profile design. Some beds are built to accommodate box springs but many do not require additional foundation. The Panama Queen Bed by Couture International is a beautiful, modern Platform bed. 


Day beds feature a design that appears more like a sofa than a bed that is created by the extended headboard and footboard with one extended side. Day beds are great for those looking for additional sleeping area that takes up little space and can double as seating. The Night and Day Bed by Couture International is a beautiful, contemporary Day bed that will add modern convenience and versatility to your home's decor. 


Bunk beds feature two beds which are arranged one on top of the other. This compact design maximizes space and is great when space is limited. Below is an example of a set of modern Bunk beds that maximize square footage without sacrificing style. 


Futons are a dual-purpose piece of furniture designed to bend in the middle to create sofa seating by day and bedding by night. The Futon below shows how stylish and functional this type of bed can be.