In today's market, there is a seemingly endless number of choices when it comes to fabric options. The color, design and pattern of a fabric may change with the trends of each season, but the weaves have remained the same throughout the years. A fabric must be durable, functional and have a pleasant texture in order to be appropriate for an interior application. Although there are countless options for upholstery fabrics, some of the classic, always-popular choices are reviewed in the following to give you an idea of the qualities and characteristics of each option.




Bonded Leather

Bonded Leather consists of leather fibers and fragments that are combined with bonding agents such as resins or adhesives which are formed into sheets. The surface of the final sheet may be stamped with a pattern to give it more of a leather-like appearance. The difference between Bonded Leather and genuine leather is typically hard to detect making it a great way to achieve the luxurious look of leather at an affordable price. The photos below show the detail of Bonded Leather (Left) and the sleek, luxurious style it can add to a space - the Haven Chairs by Sunpan Home (Right) are upholstered in white Bonded Leather.





A Brocade (Left) is a fabric that features raised patterns that stand out against the background of the fabric. Brocades are typically seen on rich, colorful fabrics and often feature floral or striped patterns. 












Chenille is a fabric that features a pile weave and has a soft, velvet-like texture and appearance. The Honeycomb Camel Pillow by Hickory Chair (Below) features a stunning Chenille pattern detail.





Chintz fabrics are beautiful, densely woven, cotton fabrics that feature a glazed, shiny surface. The Shanghai Brass Pillow by Ryan Studio (Left) features a gorgeous Chintz fabric.














Crewel fabrics (Right and Below) add a splash of color and texture to a traditional design. Crewel fabrics feature colorful embroidery on cotton, linen or wool backgrounds. 








Damask fabrics feature elaborate, woven figures that are typically flat and often reversible. The beautiful chair and pillows to the left feature stunning Damask fabrics. 











Matelasse fabrics (Right) consist of a double woven cloth that features raised, quilted patterns. 















Microfibers (Left) are synthetic fabrics that feature a soft and luxurious texture and is popular for its durability and longevity. 









A Rep fabric (Right) is characterized by its narrow, linear, ribbed pattern.














Tapestry fabrics are heavy, colorful, reversible fabrics that are available in a variety of traditional patterns and designs. The Classic Acorn 90" Sofa by Pearson Furniture (Left) features a beautiful Tapestry fabric. 








Toile De Jouy

Toile De Jouy fabrics (Right) are characterized by light backgrounds that feature picturesque patterns in a single color. 













Velvet is defined by its short, soft, dense pile and features a luxurious, plush appearance. The Bernadette Swivel Chair by Vanguard Furniture (Left) is upholstered in a beautiful blue Velvet.


Velveteen is similar to Velvet and features a short, close pile and has a very soft texture. 





Vinyl (Right) is a synthetic material that gives a piece a leather-like look and features a tough, shiny, flexible appearance.