Adrienne Landau fur pillows and fur throws are one of the hottest items we found at the New York Gift Fair.  Marvin Wind, of Adrienne Landau talks about the Adrienne Landau line of fur pillows and throws.  Check out this short video.  Scroll down for great images of products now available at LuxeHomePhiladelphia.

Video Transcript:

Adrienne Landau is an iconic powerline that has branched out into the home area in the last 5 or 6 years specializing in cold weather fur accessories and now home fur throw and pillows.   It is funny, Adrienne started making home cold weather accessories and was known for capes and one evening she threw her cape on a chair and she loved the way it looked as a decoration piece.  She came into the office the next morning and said we are going to make fur throws and pillows for the home and from there she has developed  this whole line and has been in business for about 35 years.  The "new home collection" is specializing in a lot of fox and softer furs and has expanded her print line as well as her knit fabrication for the home.  Plus, we have extended the sizing of the pillows to be bigger and we are doing a euro sham and a bolster and a lot of small pillows as accent pieces.  We have a whole range of furs, we do mostly rabbit, a lot of fox, mink, as well as raccoon and knit product.  The most popular item for us is always the printed rabbit throw as well as our knitted rabbit throw and now the fox and mink throws have become very popular.

Customers of Luxe Home Philadelphia love the Adrienne Landau home collection.  We love this line, take a peek at a few of the great selections:

 Raccoon Pillow - Adrienne Landau - Close Up


Raccoon Pillow -Adrienne Landau 

 Rosette Pillow - Adrienne Landau - Close Up


 Rosette Pillow - Adrienne Landau

Knit Rabbit Fox Throw - Adrienne Landau

Knit Rabbit Fox Throw - Adrienne Landau

Abstract Leopard Pillow - Adrienne Landau - Close Up

 Abstract Leopard Pillow - Adrienne Landau