It's official! We have popped the cork off a brand new year, full of possibilities and opportunities! So what is hot and exciting this year? We've done the research for you...and it's good!




In 2015 designers are venturing out in many different directions, dabbling in different areas, experimenting with colors, textures, shapes and styles in ways that we haven't seen before! Just about everything seems to be in right now and there is no "right" way to apply them! Here are a few of our favorites for the year: 

Mixed metals! Mixing warm metals, such as copper and rose gold, with cool ones like silver or satin nickel is particularly "in" right now. 




Thanks to social media, photographic images and images that have been manipulated with “instagram like” soft filters are beginning to be seen in our wall art, soft furnishings and accessories. These pieces add a nostalgic, dream-like quality to our spaces that just seems to work!




Nature. Organic textures, whether they are animal, mineral or vegetable are very hot at the moment. Think botany, insect prints, fossils, bone, wood, bark, stone and organic shapes. Woods are looking raw and natural and materials and finishes are looking authentic and being used in more simple ways in order for us to appreciate their beauty. 




One common theme we've found is BLUE! Deep, saturated, royals and navies create a rich and fabulous palette. They pair well with pinks for a vibrant punch or with grays for a more muted appeal. Tie this trend in with some throw pillows or a bold ottoman!




60's vibes! This trend can be seen on the runways as well as interiors this season. Shades like olive and orange are being given new life this year!




Neutral grays. One of our personal favorites, this palette sets the perfect backdrop for almost any style home! Combining soft grays with dark charcoals and pale gray-whites creates just the right amount of drama!