Gloster Outdoor Furniture - Nomad Collection is truly one of a kind! This new concept in outdoor lounge furniture is nomadic by name as well as by nature. These moderately sized yet surprisingly light-weight seating units are easily moved and re-arranged to create a variety of different configurations.

(Left: Nomad Seating Unit Urban Stripe, Nomad Ottoman Urban Stripe, Nomad Seating Unit Chalk)

(Below: Nomad Seating Unit Chalk)




Gloster Outdoor Furniture - Nomad Collection features a bold, curvaceous design that is outfitted in easy-to-fit fabric slip covers. The sturdy frame is crafted from aluminum and features a sling base that allows for quick and easy drainage after a shower. The generously sized seating units and lavish ottomans can be used in an endless number of ways to accommodate any space and any occasion!

(Right and Below: Nomad Seating Unit Urban StripeNomad Ottoman Urban StripeNomad Seating Unit Chalk, Nomad Seating Unit Taupe Stripe, Nomad Seating Unit Chalk Stripe, Nomad Ottoman Taupe Stripe)



Mix and match Italian milled vibrant stripe patterns with subtle muted tones to achieve a casual look that will make you want to take a seat! The 100% outdoor, all-weather, easily removable and washable fabrics are extremely durable and practical making re-decorating as simple as changing an outfit! Available in a range of stunning colors, these covers compliment the collection's bold design and can be switched out according to your mood!

(Left: Nomad Seating Unit Taupe StripeNomad Ottoman Taupe Stripe, Nomad Ottoman Chalk)

Ideal for today's trend of laid back, casual living, Gloster Outdoor Furniture - Nomad Collection is the ultimate in contemporary cool. This bold design is supremely practical and will make a stylish addition to any outdoor space!

(Right: Nomad Ottoman Berry, Nomad Seating Unit Berry)