WHAT'S new at LUXE HOME this SPRING? The HAVEN COLLECTION by Bernhardt Furniture!


Bernhardt has introduced a new line that features eclectic pieces from the 18th century English masters, Adam, Sheraton and Hepplewhite. These pieces boast classic lines and scales that are dripping with modern appeal.  

The Haven Collection is crafted from figured walnut that is adorned in an assortment of rich finishes - Cameo, Raven and Brunette.  This gorgeous collection features silver leaf, ivory lacquer, satin steel and faux horn accents that give these modern pieces a splash of glamour.

These delicately balanced pieces will add stylish refinement to any space.



The Haven Dining Chair from the Haven Collection features a delicately shaped, trefoil back. Button-tufted upholstery with a welt edge in a sky blue, lush microfiber completes this stunning chair. The wood base is adorned in a Raven finish that adds richness to this luxurious piece.


The Haven Desk from the Haven Collection is a picture of elegance and perfection. The creamy, Cameo finish is accented by rich striping along the drawers and edges, adding depth to this gorgeous piece. Metal ferrules finished in a Vintage Nickel give the piece a shimmering touch.


The Haven Large Mirror from the Haven Collection is a wood-framed mirror that features an eye-catching "V" grooved pattern that adds a little something extra to this subtly elegant piece. The silky, Cameo finish of this stunning mirror is complimented by a Brunette accent border on the inner and outer edges adding depth and richness to this glamorous mirror.