Although accessorizing is a fun part of decorating, it is also a crucial part of the design process. Accessories add accent and emphasis to a space and pull the design together to create mood and harmony. Accents will add visual interest to your decor and reinforce your design. 




Grouping accessories helps to add emphasis to a space. Curio cabinets and sofa tables are great places to group accents. When creating a grouping, keep in mind that you should display accents at odd numbers and varying heights in order to create visual interest. Accessories can be used to create visual balance in a space but you should be sure to add accents that are in proportion with the scale of the room that you are decorating. The beautiful groupings of accessories in the shelves in the space to the right draw the eye to the shelves and create harmony within the space. 



Lighting is a very important component in design. The right lighting can add warmth or coolness to a space as well as reinforce the mood of a design. Lighting is a great way to add depth to a space and to accent certain features of a design. Lighting also contributes to the functionality of a space. Lighting should be selected with the same care and attention as every other piece and should be in keeping with the style and color scheme of the room. The mood of space to left is defined by the ambient lighting.  



Throw Pillows 

Throw pillows are a great way to add a splash of color and texture to a space. Pillows are a great accessory because they are easily interchangeable and can be switched out according to the season or mood. Again, be sure to select pillows that match the style and color scheme of your space to continue to reinforce your design style. The space to the right is enhanced beautifully by the eye catching throw pillows placed on the sofa. 






Area Rugs

Area rugs help to define a space and pull together a design through color and texture. Rugs can add pattern, mood, texture and color to a space and are a great way to establish a style or theme for other accessories to support. Placing an area rug at an angle is a great way to add excitement and unexpected style to a space. The space to the left features a beautiful area rug that not only anchors the space, but reinforces the color palette for the design. 








Wall Hangings

Wall hangings add color, style and individual flair to a space. When selecting wall hangings you should be sure to select pieces that are appropriate in scale and proportion for the wall they will be occupying. If you are decorating a short, wide wall, you should select a wide piece of art. The wall hangings in the image to the right are a great example of a stylish way to express your personality through your home's decor.