There are many styles, designs and sizes of rugs available in today's market. There is a rug appropriate for every area of the home and each serves a functional purpose as well as contributes to the aesthetics of a design. Hand-made rugs are beautiful, intricate and one-of-a-kind but can be very costly. Modern technology has made it possible to create beautiful rugs at a more affordable price so that every family can enjoy the beauty and functionality of a rug. The patterns and designs of rugs available in today's market have originated from the patterns and designs that we will discuss in the following.




Oriental carpets originated in Iran and became a source of inspiration for other countries. Iranian rugs are most commonly known for their vast variety of designs, colors, sizes and weaves. Floral motifs, medallions and complex, curving motifs are all seen on these rugs. 









India is a primary source for pile and flat-woven rugs in today's market. Indian rugs are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, designs and qualities. Skilled, Indian weavers create rugs using Indian and New Zealand wool in Persian, Chinese, Indo-Tibetan and European designs. 






Chinese Rugs

Chinese carpets are available in a wide range of designs including Persian, Chinese, European and modern designs. Chinese "Peking" rugs are characterized by a central medallion, floral patterns, birds, animals and a wide, solid border. A modern, Art-Deco inpsired, Chinese rug is featured in the design below. 





Pakistani Rugs

Pakistan is known for their Bokkaras which are characterized by a repetitive, octagonal motif based on a traditional Central Asian Turkoman design. Recently, Pakistanis have incorporated beautiful designs from other cultures into their designs.










Romanian Rugs

Romanian rugs are characterized by their densely woven knots and elaborate floral patterns. 




Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs feature hand-spun wool, colored with vegetable dyes with creative renderings of authentic old Ottoman patterns. 




Tibetan Rugs

This type of carpet has a primitive, handcrafted look which many people find appealing. Tibetan rugs generally reflect Chinese design elements with a significance on the Buddhist religion. The phoenix, dragon, lotus, floral designs and snow lions are commonly found on Tibetan rugs.  











Afghani Rugs

These rugs are typically produced in a smaller scale meant for home use. Afghan carpets are characterized by easily identifiable geometric patterns. The Fallon Rug by Surya (Left) is a modern version of an Afghani Rug featuring a gorgeous geometric pattern. The rug below is a traditional Afghani Rug - you can clearly see the inspiration from Afghani carpet design in today's rugs.