Occasional Furniture is designed to compliment the larger pieces of furniture that make up a room. There are many types of furniture that can be used to fill a space and your personal needs and lifestyle should determine which pieces you select for the design of your space. Occasional Furniture adds functionality and convenience to a space and contributes aesthetically to the overall design of a room.















Hallway/Entryway Furniture

Hall Chest

Hall Chests commonly include drawers for storage and convenience of personal items. A Hall Chest is a great way to keep your hallway or entry way neat and clutter-free while adding an elegant touch of style to your home. The Forrester Chest by Vanguard Furniture (Right) is a gorgeous, modern Hall Chest. 











Hall Tree

Hall Trees, or coat racks, are a classic piece of occasional furniture that come in a variety of styles and designs that can accommodate any decor. There are many types of Hall Trees available in today's market - some are freestanding and other come in the form of hooks which are incorporated into a chest, bench, mirror or shelf. Hall Trees add functionality to a hallway or entryway and are an attractive way to store jackets, coats, hats and other outerwear that should be convenient to the doorway. The beautiful Hall Tree to the right features a mirror, shelf, bench and storage along with hooks to hang jackets and hats - very functional and aesthetically pleasing. 







Desks/Office Furniture

Drop Lid Desk

Drop Lid Desks feature a writing surface which can be dropped down when needed and folded away when not in use. Drop Lid Desks typically contain drawers which provide storage for supplies and utensils. Drop Lid Desks take up less space then a traditional desk and will give a space an classic, elegant look. The image to the right features a beautiful, modern Drop Lid Desk. 













A Secretary is a versatile, multi-function piece of occasional furniture that typically contains shelves, drawers and a writing surface. A Secretary is a compact piece that can serve many purposes allowing you to display accessories, store supplies and sit down to work when needed. This item is great for those who want an elegant piece that takes up little space. The Griffeth Secretary by Bernhardt Furniture (Right) is a gorgeous, elegant Secretary that features storage, display and writing area.










Roll Top Desk

The Roll Top Desk is a classic piece of occasional furniture that features a roll top that is designed to roll down and hide the clutter of a busy desk when it is not in use. The Roll Top Desk is commonly found in traditional designs and will give a space an elegant and classic look. The image to the right features a beautiful, re-finished Roll Top Desk. 







Computer Desk

In modern homes, a Computer Desk is an essential piece of occasional furniture. Designed to accommodate modern office technology, Computer Desks include space for printers, monitors and storage of supplies and utensils. Computer Desks are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and designs and can be completely customized to suit your unique needs and preferences. BDi Furniture carries a beautiful selection of custom, modern Computer Desks. 







Living/Entertainment Room Furniture

Entertainment Center

Entertainment Centers are a popular piece of occasional furniture in modern homes. The purpose of the Entertainment Center's design is to organize and minimalism entertainment equipment and electronics for a neat, clutter-free appearance. Entertainment Centers can be completely customized to suit your personal needs and preferences and will protect and preserve your media equipment and devices. BDi carries a great selection of custom Entertainment Centers. 







Coffee/Cocktail Table

Coffee/Cocktail Tables are low, long, sturdy tables that are meant to sit in front of a sofa or chair and provide an area to place drinks, books and other items that need to be kept close to the seating area. Coffee/Cocktail Tables are versatile, commonly used pieces of occasional furniture that are meant for every day use from casual living to entertaining guests at cocktail parties or get-together's. The Salon Cocktail Table by Bernhardt Furniture (Right) is a stunning, modern Coffee/Cocktail Table. 







Sofa Table

A Sofa Table is a narrow table that can feature drawers or shelves that are meant to provide storage and display area for any space in your home. Sofa Tables can be found in hallways, entryways, bedrooms, living rooms or dining rooms but are commonly used to hide the back of a sofa and provide space to display decorative accessories, lamps or photos. The Delphi Console by Vanguard Furniture (Right) is a beautiful, modern Sofa Table. 












Drawer End Table

Drawer End Tables are great accent pieces that provide additional storage and display space to the area in which they are being used. Drawer End Tables can be used where a decorative accent is needed or as a functional end table for the sofa. The Cookies and Creme by Caracole (Right) is a one-of-a-kind, gorgeous Drawer End Table. 













End Table

End Tables are small, functional pieces of occasional furniture that are meant to provide storage or display area where needed. End Tables are often places on either side of a sofa or next to a chair but can be used as a decorative accent as well. The Brielle Small End Table by Bernhardt Furniture (Right) is a stunning End Table. 






Lamp Table

Lamp Tables add functionality to a space by providing additional area to place table lamps or decorative accessories. The Farrington Lamp Table by Vanguard Furniture (Right) is a gorgeous, contemporary Lamp Table. 















Nesting Table

Nesting Tables are a type of occasional furniture that typically features three matching tables of different sizes that fit together when not in use to save space. Nesting Tables are a great way add functionality to a small space. Their contrasting sizes paired with their matching design can also create an eye catching decorative effect when placed throughout a room. The Selat Marble Nesting Tables by Interlude Home (Right) are a gorgeous set of Nesting Tables that add stunning aesthetic appeal to any space.

Plant Stand

Plant Stands are decorative tables that are meant to display one or more plants. Plant Stands can be found in area of the home and come in many styles and designs to accommodate any decor. 










Bar Unit

Bar Units are meant to store the necessary items to entertain guests at a party and keep your glassware neat and organized. Bar Units are available in many styles and designs which have different features to accommodate your unique preferences and needs. The Bijou Bar by Belle Meade Signature (Right) is a stunning, elegant Bar Unit that features ample storage area for convenient entertaining. 
















The Curio is designed to hold valuable items that you may want to display decoratively. There is a wide variety of Curio styles - they may be placed on a chest, freestanding or mounted on a wall. Some Curios feature internal lighting and/or mirrors to reflect all angles of the decorative accessories within. The Mercer Curio by Bernhardt Furniture (Right) is a beautiful Curio cabinet that features a sleek, modern design.