In addition to dining tables and dining chairs, there are many pieces that can add to the functionality and design of a modern dining room. Storage, display and serving area are all things to consider when designing your dining room and are just as important today as they were in the past. In order to choose the best piece to suite your personal needs, you should have a basic understanding of the options that are available in today's market. In the following, I'll review basic dining room furniture in order assist you in creating the most functional and aesthetically pleasing space possible for your personal needs!



Buffets have been around for centuries and are meant to store and display items that are not being used and to serve meals when needed. Buffets can be used to support china cabinets as well which add additional storage and display area to the piece. Buffets are available in a variety of styles and designs that compliment any decor and are a very practical way to store your dishes and utensils. The Salon Buffet by Bernhardt Furniture (Right) is a gorgeous Buffet that will add texture, style, elegance and functionality to any space. 











China Cabinets

China Cabinets are meant to display decorative items such as fine china and dinnerware and sometimes include additional closed storage for napkins and linens. China Cabinets are typically traditional in style and add elegance and sophistication to a dining room's decor. The Elements Curio by Bernhardt Furniture (Left) is a gorgeous China Cabinet that will display all of your fine dinnerware beautifully.












Corner Cabinet

Corner Cabinets are meant to display valuable items and can provide additional storage to other areas of the home. Corner Cabinets are great for smaller rooms and are a subtle, elegant way to store or display items that are not being used. 















The Hutch is a traditional piece of dining room furniture that is meant to display fine china or dinnerware. Some Hutches stand alone but most are meant to rest on top of a buffet or sideboard. Hutches fit well in traditional style dining rooms and add convenient functionality and luxurious elegance to your space.

Buffet and Hutch

The Buffet and Hutch is a versatile piece of traditional dining room furniture. Its purpose is to store and display fine dinnerware and linens. The Buffet and Hutch combines the storage and functionality of a buffet with the display space and elegance of a hutch. The Belgian Oak Deck and Base by Bernhardt Furniture (Left) features a beautiful Buffet and Hutch combination featuring the convenience of closed storage below with the elegance of visible display space above.



Sideboards are decorative tables that are meant to provide storage, display and serving space to a dining room. Sideboards often contain drawers and shelves for additional storage. This item offers versatile storage space and is available in many styles to accommodate any design style. The Felicia Sideboard by Vanguard Furniture (Right) is a beautiful, modern Sideboard. 


A Huntboard is a smaller, lighter version of the sideboard or server that was designed to be easily moved from room to room as needed. Huntboards provide additional storage and display area to smaller spaces and can serve as an accent table to any room.



Servers are cabinets that serve the purpose of storing dining room necessities ranging from wine bottles to china to linens and utensils and allow the host or hostess easy access to serve guests. Servers are available in a variety of designs and styles to suite any decor and will add convenience and functionality to your space. The Seeing Double by Caracole (Left) is a gorgeous, modern server who's interior features wine bottle, wine glass and linen storage that will add elegant functionality to any space. 











Silver Chest

Commonly traditional in style, a Silver Chest is a small dining room chest that is meant to store and protect silverware. The P550H Chest by Vanguard Furniture (Right) is a beautiful, petite, Silver Chest. 















Baker's Rack

Baker's Racks are contemporary pieces of dining room furniture that can stand alone or rest on top of a buffet or sideboard and serve to provide additional storage to the dining room or kitchen. A Baker's Rack gives a space a casual, contemporary feel and provides additional storage for wine glasses, wine bottles and decorative kitchen utensils. This beautiful Baker's Rack (Left) lends a casual yet stylish appeal to a laid-back dining room or kitchen.