Arm styles can affect the impact that a sofa or chair has on a particular space as well as the design that is perceived of that individual piece. Arm styles contribute to the design of a sofa or chair in the same way that back styles do - each enhancing a particular style of furniture and serving a particular purpose. In order to assist you in the decision making process of selecting a new piece of upholstery for your unique home, I will review the different arm styles that are available and the characteristics that define them.







The Armless style is found on many types of chairs and sofas and is characterized by the complete lack of arms or sides. The Armless style is frequently found in modular sofa units and provides the most seating options for side chairs. The Longfellow Armless Chair by Vanguard Furniture (Below) is a gorgeous Armless chair. 


Lawson Arm

The Lawson Arm style is very low in comparison the back of the sofa or chair and can be either rolled or angular in shape. Lawson Arms feature a simple design with a stylish, elegant appeal. They are found on both traditional and contemporary style upholstery. The Aleah Sofa by Bernhardt Furniture (Below) is a features a gorgeous example of the Lawson Arm style. 


Low Rolled Arm

The Low Rolled Arm style features a rounded, low design that is uniquely interpreted by each manufacturer and differs in fabric, padding and finishes. The Low Rolled Arm is a classic and is favored among many for its traditional style and comfort. The Hudson Chair by Schumacher & Co. (Below) features beautiful Low Rolled Arms. 


Saddlebag Arm

The Saddlebag Arm style features formed cushions which are attached to the arm of the sofa or chair. Saddlebag Arms will add a comfortable and luxurious element to any piece. The Gloss Bianco Chair by Gamma International (Below) is a stunning, contemporary chair that features Saddlebag style arms.


Tuxedo Arm

The Tuxedo Arm style is characterized by its height being the same as its back. This style lends an elegant sophistication to any piece. The Brinkley Tufted Chair by Ferguson Copeland (Below) features stunning Tuxedo Arms.


Wood-Exposed Arm

The Wood-Exposed Arm style lets the foundation of the upholstered piece show through and can be found on both traditional and contemporary pieces and in both formal and casual settings. Whether it is carved mahogany or slats of pine, the Wood-Exposed Arm style adds a touch of charm to any piece. The Brook Street Dining Arm Chair by Ralph Lauren Home (Below) features a gorgeous Wood-Exposed Arm style. 


Wrap-and-Fold Low Arm

The Wrap-and-Fold Low Arm style features curved arm cushions which extend from the outside arm into a pillow-like cushion that drapes over and around the inside arm. Wrap-and-Fold Low Arms add an extra level of plush cushion to upholstered furniture making them a great selection if your main concern is comfort. The Welcome Sofa by Couture International (Below) features beautiful Wrap-and-Fold Low Arms.